Welcome to my page about Erasmus+, where I keep track of everything about the courses within Erasmus+ and the projects here within the training institute that is funded by the European Commission.
Erasmus+ is the EU education, training, youth and sport program for students in Belgium, Greece, Iceland, Croatia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Cyprus and the Caribbean. 


January 12 to 18, 2024

By rotating between the groups and finding information, you also build a European network and even friendly connections.

This was our team in Curacao for TC-Coastal Unity:
Sustainable solutions in Europe and the Caribbean.

 Daily assignments and gathering information to complete our projects 


04 to 12 December 2023 

 The Palace of Seville from here we did our work assignments and collected data on information about art in Seville 

 This was our team in Seville for TC-ART and Visual imaging 

 Graffiti and posters are often used with quotes and art to make statements to the government or for protests against actions. 

The Felis Foundation is a foundation that is committed to helping young people and students make this possible.
Think of it as an intermediary between the student and Erasmus+ 

Erasmus+ is a recognized European university where you can study and do an internship abroad, which is financed by the European Commission.
After your project you will also receive a recognized certificate 

The Asociacion MoSCA organized the first training in Seville.
for urban and visual arts as an instrument for active youth participation 

Copernicus organized the second training in Curaçao about climate problems and how we can solve them and not only the rising sea level is a problem but animals and plants are also at risk